Membership in your local chapter is just one of the benefits to a National Audubon Society membership. Join or renew today and, if you live within the Red Cliffs Audubon region, you will automatically become one of our valued supporters!


Learn something new, or brush up on your naturalist skills on a free field trip led by expert volunteers. Visit Bird Walks and Field Trips for a detailed calendar of these activities.


If you are interested in learning more about unique species, want to spend an evening looking for owls, or participate in some citizen science like the Christmas Bird Count or other field surveys, our special events are exactly what you're looking for. Visit Special Events for a detailed list of activities.


Be sure to check back here as the revamped chapter grows. There are plans to host special paid classes and speaking engagements. Topics may include:

  • Improve your bird and wildlife action photography skills
  • Birding 101
  • How to eBird
  • Bird/botanical illustration class(es)
  • Birding by ear: how to ID birds by sound

If you are interested in any of these or other education topics please send an email with your interests. This information will help as we build our schedule in the new year.


Your support as a volunteer with Red Cliffs Audubon can make an impact for birds and the region, whether you can offer only one day each year as part of a bird count, or help lead walks and field trips each month. If you are interested in volunteering your time with Red Cliffs Audubon please email us today about your interests and expertise. Many volunteers will be called upon as we plan for the next Winter Bird Festival.


Our sincere thanks to all the local birders who have long shown support Red Cliffs Audubon and what we stand for. We apologize that the old website’s content was removed from our control before we had a chance to move things to this new platform. We will work to get your past submissions from the former host and will post those photos whenever possible.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to re-submit any photos you’ve taken when birding in the region. We would be happy to add them to this new photo gallery! Details about where photos were taken are also appreciated as we can tag locations within the gallery. In the meantime, thank you to those birders who responded to our plea for photos as the new website got underway! Without their submissions the site wouldn't look the same!


We find that members of Red Cliffs Audubon choose to speak loudly for birds, wildlife, and natural places in Southwest Utah.

Members of the National Audubon Society will receive action alerts via email about topics that any wildlife enthusiast is likely to find important. Those action alerts include how to make an impact; anything from quickly adding your name to a petition to calling your Representative.

Want to make a tangible difference? You can be an active agent for wildlife by participating in citizen science projects and volunteering with us to restore critical wildlife habitat or share a joy for nature within our communities.

Banner photo by Mike Schijf