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  • General Meeting:  January TBA. Visit our field trip & meeting web page.
  • Field Trip - There is no field trip in December because of the Christmas Bird Counts. Please join us on any of the counts listed in the center panel of this page. For a list of this next year's field trips, click here. Information on the Winter Bird Festival in January can also be found there.  pointing hand
  • All meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month. Everyone is welcome! Details.
  • Sorry, no mid-week field trips anymore, unless you wish to volunteer to lead them, because Steve Hedges has moved back to Cedar.  We're disappointed, too!  Call us if you want to volunteer : )

   Local Membership Dues

     Local membership dues for February 2014 through February 2015 are:

          $15 Individual
          $20 Family

If you renew with the National Audubon, please put our membership number on your form: C2ZW560Z
  Field Trips Reports

2014 Utah Audubon Council
Spring Retreat report

Newsletter 2013

2014 WBF photos

2013 Christmas Bird Count report for Zion, St. George, and Silver Reef.
    2013 Winter Bird Festival Photos:

       6 pages by Jerry and Janice Vander Molen
       7 pages of 2013 WBF photos

   2011 Winter Bird Festival - Photos

   2012 Winter Bird Festival - Photos


Hi Red Cliffs Audubon Board and Audubon Chapter Members,
 all those who love birds.

Our meeting on Wednesday, December 10, at 7:00 pm at the Tonaquint
Nature Center
is a “Preparatory for Christmas Bird Counts”.
We would like all of you to be thinking about the special birds you have seen on
previous CBCs in our area, and we would like all of you to participate in this discussion.

Pick particular birds you favor and have seen that you think others would like to know about.   Describe how the species makes a living and the adaptations needed to survive during the cold winter months.  Tell where you found them and what you found them doing.  Some of you have gone to the same area many times and yet each year conditions change. I hope this will give you ideas of things to remember.  We hope to have a great meeting with people who love birds. 

Examples:  Wrens,  Towhees, White-crowns, Roadrunners, Bluebirds, Jays, Crows, Magpies, Eagles, Ravens, Hawks, etc. etc. etc..  They can be favorite birds, wacky birds, common birds, even rare birds.   Some years we  counted as high as 112 - 115 species.   
Come early.  We will have all kinds of bird pictures for you to pick from..... or you can
bring your own pictures. 
This will be an evening of fellowship and shared knowledge for the love of birds. 
Refreshments too and a SURPRISE VISITOR

2014 Christmas Bird Count

Cedar City:  Friday, December 19, 2014  Contact:  Keith Day  435 865-6100

Zion:  Saturday, December 20, 2014   Contact:  Cassie Waters  435 772 2012

St. George:  Friday, December 26, 2014  Contact:  Marilyn Davis  435 673-0996 

Silver Reef:  Saturday, December 27, 2014  Contact:  Marilyn Davis  435 673-0996

Snake Valley Nevada & Utah:  Tuesday, December 16, 2014
Contact Melissa Renfro 775 234-7154 or melsyurt@gmail.com

Winter Bird Festival
Dates:  January 29, 30, 31, 2015


     18 and over = $10

     Field Trip Registration will be coming soon  (Lytle, Zion, etc. )

     Presentation Registration will be coming soon   (Junior Birder Program)

(We will have instructions how to register with our new 123signup as soon
 as we get it)

(We will have information about Presentations, Field Trips, Keynote Speaker,
Banquet and Silent Auction . . . SOON) 

Hawkwatch International will spend January 26 to 30 presenting to
Schools in southern Utah and for the Festival. 

There will be an Art Contest  --  Birds and Baby Bird Families -- 
for 4th and 5th Grades.  Pictures will be on display
before the Festival  (Need to know where....but not sure now).


Charles Odd 1930 - 1914

Charles Odd

We were sorry to hear of the passing of our good friend and Red Cliffs volunteer
this week.  He loved participating in our field trips and held many positions within
our organization.  He was an avid photographer and outdoorsman. We will miss him.
 To pay your respects and obtain further information on Charles, click here.

Support Wildlife Research

Keith Day very interested in any sightings of the following species:
Crissal Thrasher, Bendire's Thrasher, Bell's Vireo
Abert's Towhee, Virginia's Warbler, Yellow-billed Cuckoo

Notations of time, place (as detailed as possible) and numbers are very important.
Records of gender, age, behavior, habitat, etc. would be helpful. His contact information follows, as well. Thank you.

Keith Day, Wildlife Biologist, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
1470 N. Airport Rd., Cedar City, UT 84721
435-865-6100 (o), 435-691-3113 (c), 435-586-2457 (fx)


Today's update December 15, 2014

Artists and Birds

Artists & Birds article

"A Barren Habitat"

Young Artists & Birds

Updated September 19, 2014
bird singing

Color Me Feathered


Red Cliffs

Updated June 30, 2014


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The Red Cliffs

  We would love to have you as a new Audubon member.  We promise fun and informative
 field trips in the company of "old birds", "new birds",  and "snowbirds."
All are welcome! See you there!
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Phone:  435 673-0996

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